What is leaky gut syndrome?

by penyobkd on February 3, 2013

Leaky gut syndrome, together with autism is still checked. a number of studies and research is underway to better understand how the syndrome starts, why it can be distributed in children with autism and how to deal with. The syndrome of man leaking, the inability of the intestinal wall to dislodge the unwanted large molecules is easy. Often, this symptom of autism means that become permeable to the intestinal wall has been changed. Leaky gut syndrome in children with autism can occur due to allergies or increase the sensitivity.

Leaky gut syndrome is problematic for his health, since molecules and substances (such as proteins) which are usually removed by the tract in the intestine can be. Because these molecules within the intestines are generally not permitted, evil body interprets these non-harmful substances such as viruses or infections and begins to produce antibodies, to attack. In return, certain foods, as well as regular molecules of the body is a process where the body recognizes that are similar to these foods as dangerous causing an autoimmune disease, where the body is attacking. These are only two possible outcomes with leaky gut syndrome. An infection anywhere on the body as a weakening of the liver, causing the most toxins circulate throughout the body, resulting in a number of medical problems move also the transport of bacteria in the intestinal tract into the bloodstream and cause normally available.

What are the causes of leaky gut syndrome? Still, researchers try to understand better the causes, but the current medical diagnosis suggests that the thickness of the intestinal wall and other causes a diet rich in alcohol and caffeine, certain medications such as ibuprofen and antacids or a high-carbohydrate diet may be reduced. Here are some possible causes and ways of treating leaky gut syndrome are so uncertain as the reasons. Due to the high sensitivity of the digestive tract with leaky gut syndrome, many parents of autistic children thought that their child on a gluten and casein-free diet can help. Proteins are casein or gluten and a diet with such proteins can irritate and inflame a leaky gut syndrome – even if at the present time, researchers study this. You can go to with leaky gut syndrome by avoiding alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen or spicy – food, the irritation in the gut can cause.

Leaky gut syndrome is a continuous process for parents with autistic children, doctors and researchers, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to it to handle. Just be aware that your autistic child can leaky bowel syndrome help to understand you better and to improve his life.

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