Food concerns: glutton and casein

by penyobkd on January 29, 2013

Autism is a disorder that must be treated with different methods, because there is no effective way to completely cure. One of the ways to keep the symptoms of autism under control is to study the diet that can help you. Makes, they see a significant difference in their child’s behaviour reported by controlling parents of children with autism. Glutton and casein are two provide the main food.

A substance that is found in many common foods with wheat, rye, is greedy and oak are the main culprits. Can be found in dairy products such as milk casein. If you or your child with autism eats many foods with these products, such as bread and cheese, the better control of autistic behavior possibly through reducing the consumption of these foods.

Difficulties in the Digest of the glutton and casein comes from an inability to manage digestively peptides with these substances. Because they are not divided as in a normal body, absorbed these additional peptides into the blood stream. High concentrations of peptides disrupt the function of the brain that contribute to the effects of autism. Food Cup, Wolverine and casein or your child’s diet contains, you can help the body process the degradation peptides in the body present. To determine whether you or your child has a high rate of absorption of these peptides, your doctor can manage a simple urine sample.

Talk to a doctor or a nutritionist before major changes in your diet. If you decide to reduce your diet, the glutton and casein from trying to do it at once. At once everything else from your diet section does not properly can, and your body to retreat. Instead you start slowly to reduce the amounts of bread, cereals, and dairy products that you eat. Your doctor can give you a comprehensive list of all foods containing glutton and casein, if you really want to cut out everything from your diet. However, you can get the nutrients in glutton it products found and casein is called as necessary with dietary supplements. Also here can help your doctor in this decision. Overall, maintaining a balanced diet is the best thing to do. Glutton and casein diet for you or your children leave products can autistic behavior help, is an option that should be considered, but that, what a healthy diet the best way is to keep your family healthy.

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