Achieving self-control with autism

by penyobkd on February 17, 2013

Self-discipline is a skill that autistic children have more and more difficult to acquire. These include not only explosions inappropriate, but also habits that are harmful as aggressive towards others or damage, such as hit the head on the walls can be potentially dangerous. These and other behaviors, to avoid a technique parents and educators can you is autistic tendencies to control the local government. Strengthening ihn-of the child–or she can is often the key to violent situations to control and a positive step for the learning other behaviors.

Self-management works because the child is no longer fully controlled by others. Teaching self-management to certain times of the day, as if the child is in school or therapy, the child will rather continue to practice even at all times of the day to check. The key is to implement a program in which he or she monitors their own behavior and activities. Start time and continue to the child’s point of view, with short more passive watching. Every ten to fifteen minutes, to remember that he or she has the child control and should monitor and forget you are not that good and bad behavior.

This monitoring is a form of self-evaluation. If a child is in the control, he or she can think more about behavior in the past and present. Define clear goals, with the child – for example, an afternoon with no aggression against others, or a day at school with no self-injury. The child as he or she is all fifteen minutes of questions. To reach the goal? If the answer is no, the child might not be ready for self-government, or maybe the goals are also inaccessible. You want to ensure that the goals comfortably as a first step, and then move the child of more difficult targets in the future. If a child self monitoring, he or she will have a more positive attitude towards the experience.

Of course, an important part of self-care is a reward system. The child his own reward, depending on the interest you develop questions. Reinforcement is more good behavior in the minds of the child and by choosing these goals and reward- or even children feel themselves completely in the control of the system clearly of self-government. To start, choose the simple rewards as emoticons for each target achieved and disappointed sad face for each target and progress toward a larger goal, such as a special event or a new toy to reach a certain smile.

These types of programs do not develop overnight, so it is important that you and the kids have enough time to devote to an experience of self-government. Reinforcement with good behavior rewarded, as determined by the child rather than an adult, he or she is more likely to this exercise do not equal participation in not in the program. If your autistic child is mature enough, this could be a treatment program to try.

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